Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Justice For Lifeline Director Jose Luis Gonzalez

Do you hate corruption? Do you recognize how grave it has been affecting our lives? You'll never know until it happens to you. Yes. It happened to me. I am speaking in the first person here because I am making this battle against corruption and injustice my own since I am a part of Lifeline Foundation.  Since 2002, Lifeline has only endeavored to uplift people's lives in the areas of medicine, education, empowerment and others.  For the last two years, Lifeline has been greatly affected by the corruption and injustice waged towards one of its directors Jose Luis Gonzalez.  We are not afraid to expose the wicked people behind such malicious and unscrupulous doings. 

We are standing up against corruption and injustice! We are making our voices heard!  Join us in our cause! Sign the petition

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping It Real

It was in July 2007 when I met a small church in Paranaque with Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt as leaders. In this church I met people from all walks of life - artists, teachers, engineers, musicians, doctors, nurses, plain housewives, architects, accountants, tattooed, singles, marrieds, children, teenagers -- and yet have one thing in common in their lives - JESUS! Bright. Light. Real. Conspicuous. Raw. True. Life. Passionate. Organic. Worshipper. Flawed. Jesus-Person. Saved. I was drawn to Jesus through them and got saved. This is my family. We live each day knowing this: Salvation is not about making mistakes or messing up rather, it is about how fast you get up from a mess and move forward. Oh, Thank You Father! This has kept my salvation so real through the years!  

We know our purpose is to glorify God. To glorify Him by taking part in the fulfillment of His great redemptive plan.  This includes making sure that His promises are being fulfilled in each of our lives. We recognize that there is so much more to our relationship as a family. God has called us to a higher purpose which is to bring people to Salvation, Healing Deliverance.  And we know that it is only to the extent that God's word  live in us that we are able to bring Him to remembrance of His word and have it perform in our lives.  We are doers. And this is what we live for: Faith. Hope. Love. Truth. Purpose. Mission. Action. Change. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Cup of Joe

I hardly go to Bona nowadays since classes have started, but a week ago I dropped by. I stepped into Bona and immediately felt the comforting familiarity of its roasted brews, warm lighting, and Buddha lady vibes. I sat down and ordered my favorite muffin: the chocolate orange. I took the first bite all slathered in chocolate syrup and—bam! My taste buds were having a party.
Since I hardly go to Bona now, I will write a letter...

Dear Bona,

It's me again, a raving customer.

I know I haven't been around much, but I haven't forgotten you, on the contrary, I think of you often. Every time I pass by another coffee shop, I remember your steaming cups of coffee, their delicious aromas, and I immediately check my schedule to see if I can squeeze in a visit. No muffin is like your muffin(secretly, I like to call it my chocolate orange). You're inspiring, so much so that I came up with this: (Elizabeth Barret Browning, I hope this does not offend you).

How do I love thee?

Let me count your beans.

I love thee as each morning I get up and mourn over the mediocrity of instant coffee,

Pining in my soul for your bonalicious brews.

I love thee to the ends of my last paycheck, as I open my wallet in surprise to see that it's gotten empty save for your receipts.

I love thee to the level of every day's insatiable need for caffeine, as I get up and drink a cup to energize myself for the long day's work.

I love thee freely as other customers like myself pay ridiculous amounts for mediocre coffee,

I love thee purely while coffee beans all over manila are being over-roasted and overpriced,

I love thee with a passion as only a frustrated coffee drinker like myself can only exhibit,

And I love thee with a craving that I don't seem to lose.

I love thee with the whiffs, smiles, and tears of all my life!--and if my schedule be willing,

I will love thee better when we next meet.

So there you have it Bona, I hope my words did you justice. Going back, whenever my friends invite me for coffee at the other shops, it does not even tempt me. The very thought of going out to another coffee shop is insulting and absurd! I am faithful; you won't catch me hanging out with the others, no matter how fancy or inviting they look. I know they're bad for me, while you, oh beacon of non-fat awesomeness, allow me the luxury of eating delicious food without the guilt. It takes the load off of my mind to know that you don't load me down with the unnecessary calories—how considerate and thoughtful you are! Also, when I'm with you, I have this sense of relaxation. Your ambiance is perfect for studying, working, eating, or just plain hanging out and chilling! So, that's it for now, I hope to see you soon.

Much love,

an old friend

Every Writer's Journal

For a writer like myself, it is absolutely necessary to not only have the best pen to write with, but the best journal to write in. Fellow writers, I've found it—it’s Free Speech Publications’ very own 2011 journal! Being a writer who has already viewed its contents, it’s quite inspiring if I do say so myself. If I thought last year’s design was cool, this one definitely takes the cake. It’s absolutely eye-catching with its new Kermit green and powerful fuchsia-colored designs. I love this journal not merely because its cover is awesome but because it really does change someone else’s life. With the proceeds of this journal still going to Lifeline Foundation, this journal is definitely still its awesome self in that it is still filled with eye-opening questions, witty facts, unusual holidays and so much more. In this world we live in where the price of everything is going up, this little beauty is still affordable—only P620! Believe me, I’ve scouted the other journals and not one of them comes close to this one, be it in its price or in its content. So, a salute to Free Speech Publications and to all the other writers out there who feel the same way I do! I will definitely be getting my own journal soon and when I do, my pen will definitely be flying! :)